Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick mommy here

I know I haven't been posting much lately and I am truly sorry about that.  I've been struggling with being sick and still having to do everything in my power (and then some...) to keep the home running, the kids safe and fed, the bills paid, etc, etc...

Add to that two van breakdowns a week apart from eachother that had me stranded in a neighboring town and the added stress of David being extra ancy lately and my hands are pretty overwhelmingly full.

Please be patient with me though and I promise I will be back and blogging as soon as I can.  On a side note though I would like to share some good news that we got lately. :)  For one, the threat to my license (see past blog posts) has finally been silenced so that's a definite relief.  And another good thing that happened is David got accepted into an Autism service dog program. :D  We're pretty excited about that one. :)  Struggling with getting the fundraising off the ground but we did finally get our first official donation. :)  A dog bed with matching blanket and toy to be used as a raffle prize. :)  Pretty cool huh? :)

Anyway, I got to get going for now.  Please leave comments if you can.  I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Green grass? Sure. We've got at least some. :)

I just read a recent blog post by Autsim Daddy (one of my favorite bloggers) and wanted to share his blog and my response on here for you guys too.  His blog is a good reminder to count our blessings. :)  We all need that reminder from time to time. :)

David isn't doing so great lately but he still has his things that I am thankful for. For isntance he's very loving and cuddly. He may not

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tips/advice on how to help best and let us (Autism families) know you care :)

I had to share Autism Daddy's post on what to say/do when dealing with an Autism parent if you are wanting to be helpful and/or supportive.  He gathered links and info from several great articles and picked out his favorite to highlight in his blog (he also included the links to the articles so we all can check out the rest of the advice and tips). 

If you have ever wondered about what you could or should say and/or do

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What "Autism" means here

I've been asked more than once to explain what life with my Autistic child(ren) are like. (Josh is still not officially diagnosed but the doctor and I are thinking moderate level).

Yeah there are a lot of great lists out there and a lot of symptoms I could share about and even incidents/stories I could tell, but I've noticed these are never able to truly give a clear picture. Friends and family are not always able to prepare as much as they wish they could for their

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This speaking thing might be a bit overrated after all lol

I love that David's verbal skills are finally starting to show improvement even though still most of the time it's just echolalia. However... the easier it gets to understand what he's saying when he finally says something on his own, the more I find myself in