Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick mommy here

I know I haven't been posting much lately and I am truly sorry about that.  I've been struggling with being sick and still having to do everything in my power (and then some...) to keep the home running, the kids safe and fed, the bills paid, etc, etc...

Add to that two van breakdowns a week apart from eachother that had me stranded in a neighboring town and the added stress of David being extra ancy lately and my hands are pretty overwhelmingly full.

Please be patient with me though and I promise I will be back and blogging as soon as I can.  On a side note though I would like to share some good news that we got lately. :)  For one, the threat to my license (see past blog posts) has finally been silenced so that's a definite relief.  And another good thing that happened is David got accepted into an Autism service dog program. :D  We're pretty excited about that one. :)  Struggling with getting the fundraising off the ground but we did finally get our first official donation. :)  A dog bed with matching blanket and toy to be used as a raffle prize. :)  Pretty cool huh? :)

Anyway, I got to get going for now.  Please leave comments if you can.  I would greatly appreciate it. :)


  1. I think its awesome that you finally have Topeka silenced.I am praying for everything to get better.

  2. thanks Polly :) I truly appreciate it :)

  3. prayers you get better and your days calm down. doris

  4. thanks Doris :) I truly appreciate that :)

  5. Hello! I don't have a blog so have to comment as anonymous. I have read your story and can only offer the hope that you can have more good days than stressful days. I would like to make you aware of a blog by a mother with EDS and a son with autism :

    Heartfelt best wishes.

    1. thank-you Ann. I really appreciate your note and encouragement :) I will definitely check out that blog too. Thanks :)