Thursday, February 2, 2012

This speaking thing might be a bit overrated after all lol

I love that David's verbal skills are finally starting to show improvement even though still most of the time it's just echolalia. However... the easier it gets to understand what he's saying when he finally says something on his own, the more I find myself in
embarrasing situations. lol


*sitting at table in Taco Shop*

Mommy: Sit down, here's your water.
Joshua: wawa! yeah!
David: I do it!
Mommy: Yes, you do it David.

*Lady walks into view after coming from the order counter. She's on the bigger side of things and is wearing tight clothes. I don't even notice though until David decides to have a moment of clear speech...*

David (upon seeing the lady): EWWWW! GROSS!
Mommy (thrown off by comment and starting to look around): What's wrong David? Need a napkin?
David: No! Look Mommy! *points directly at lady* EWWWWW! GROSSS!

*Mommy proceeds to blush as lady looks directly at her. Then proceeds to do anything she can to distract David and get him to stop saying it.*


I promise I did NOT teach him that! I couldn't get him to shut up and drop it either until she left with her order. Man, my support groups weren't kidding when they told me to watch out for when he finally got his voice. They were always talking about how Autistic kids tend to be BLUNT and LOUD when they finally are able to say what they are thinking. *shakes head and sighs* lol


  1. OMG!! kids like Jayden and David and so many tend to say what's on their mind.. I am teaching Jayden what;s appropriate and what's not when it comes to being "honest" they also tend to follow after what others say... what an embarrassing moment for all!

  2. Well, he definitely didn't get that comment from following me. I NEVER do that. Half the time I'm too distracted or tired to even notice others in a public place well enough to form an opinion (too busy trying to keep David and Joshua under some form of control lol) and even when I do notice someone I don't make comments like that.

    I actually have been one to go out of my way to approach someone and say "thank-you" when I find someone who is being extra kind/patient or is the parent of a kid who has been extra kind/patient with my sons. Maybe someday David will speak up in that way.

    As for this incident, he just was being loud and blunt about what he honestly thought. Where he got it from, I don't know. What I'm going to do about it, I'm not sure. I just know I have to figure out some way to explain he can't and shouldn't say things like that about people and shouldn't make a public ridicule of anyone either.

    He has seen me take a forcible (verbal) stand with people who were out of line or threatening and/or bullying either my sons or me, but even then I don't throw around insults by any means.