Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A very precious Santa :)

A friend of mine told me about a Santa in town who specializes in being there for special needs kids and kids with disabilities so I wrote him ahead of time and told him about my kids and asked if we could come see him and he welcomed us with open arms. :)  He was so
amazingly kind and patient too and was able to break through David's barrier enough to get him to sit on his lap and even allow Santa to hug him :)  I was floored but grateful all at the same time.  This man was an answer to prayer and so wonderfully kind and patient. 

He even stood up for my kids to the other parents when they started to say things because of Joshua's avoidance issues and stimming and David's sudden want to be next to Santa the whole time (even when other kids were on Santa's lap).  I of course was trying my best to get David to step back so he wouldn't be in everyone else's pictures but the parents were starting to get cruel and hateful to both me and him and guess who spoke up?  Santa!  He asked the others there to please be patient and to realize they had a very special kid in their presence and that he (David) needed a little more room and patience to be himself.  Then he asked David to come back over (I was struggling to hold him back again at the time) and then he hugged him and told everyone there that he (Santa) liked having such special kids around.  And that everyone should consider themselves blessed to be in the presence of such a precious child.  I was absolutley floored.  I almost cried too I have to admit.  I don't know of anywhere else I could have taken David and his brother and had them be even half as accepted or treasured as they were by this Santa and his elves.

There was even a point when we were trying to gather them up and get them back out the door that Santa called me over and told me to give him a hug and when I leaned over to hug him, he hugged me tight and then had me look in his eyes as he told me that my kids were very special and that God made them that way and so God knew He would need to find a parent that was just as special and strong to be able to take care of them and so the fact that I was chosen to be their mom meant that God believed me to be the perfect mom for them.  And also that I was very special and precious too, because God doesn't give his most precious children to just anyone to parent.  I started to tear up and it took a lot for me to keep myself from crying right there on the spot.

This man was just absolutely amazing.  He even told us that we were welcome back anytime we wanted to come.  I don't know if we'll be stopping by through the year or not, but I do know that David and Joshua have found the "real" Santa and we will never see anyone else again as long as seeing him is an option for us. :)

I've included a few of my favorites from the pictures that were taken while we were there.  I hope you enjoy them. :)  I never want to forget this day...  Today, I witnessed a miracle, I witnessed acceptance, and I witnessed true Christ-like love.  And my children got to be the receivers of it all too.  *crying happy tears*  Such a precious and blessing filled night...

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  1. One of the things I think that helped is that Santa met David on his level. He was calm, quiet, patient, and accepting and even started signing to him when he saw David couldn't talk but was making a few signs. It was soooo amazing! :)

    They eventually connected over a stuffed animal Santa gave him and over David's desire to have new boots. David kept signing boots and Santa asked to see where his boots would be going so he could make sure he got the right size when he made them for him and with a little prodding/encouraging and a lot of patience and gentleness, he actually managed to get a hug from David and shortly after that David was crawling up in his lap and allowing Santa to hug him and cuddle him and afterwards even got to where he didn't want to leave Santa's side. He stayed next to his chair and didn't want to be taken from him. It was so precious and incredible all at the same time. :)