Monday, December 12, 2011

new obsession maybe? lol

What is it about the novelty of being in the fridge all of a sudden?  They're not hungry, but they dig out all the food and spread it around like their trying to form a work of art or something.  Actually, when David is
in "charge" of what they're doing, everything ends up neatly lined up and organized, just in the middle of the frontroom instead of in the fridge where it belongs.

And what do they do in said fridge once they've succeeded at emptying it?  Well Joshua just bangs on the wire racks and/or takes his cars across them for the sound it causes.  David... he lines up all his toys and organizes his stuffed animals, cars, trains, balls, cars, and anything else he managed to get moved to the fridge...

Time to head to the grocery store again. lol *sigh*

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