Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Calling all those that good with computers :)

Anyone know how to take this version of my awareness card and get it into a program that would allow me to print it as an actual card with both the front and back?  It's currently sitting in a paint program where
I created it in, and I don't want to pay Kinko's $60 just to fix it so it can print like a card (not to mention I can't afford that).

I could have really used this card today too as David successfully managed to strip all of his clothes (except the pull-up thankfully) and started running around Taco Shop.  All quicker than anyone could do anything about it too...

The workers were very kind and understanding about it because thankfully the ones on duty tonight know me and my children and are already aware of the struggles, but the customers were definitely a far cry friendly or understanding... :(  I did eventually manage to get my extra shirt over him long enough to get him to the car, but the comments and insults never stopped...  I would have loved to have had the cards to hand out to EVERYONE there.

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