Sunday, January 22, 2012

Autism can really stink sometimes (it's been a hard day)

When your child can't keep his clothes on without a fight, Autism stinks.

When your 4 year old is still in diapers with no potty training successes in sight, Autism stinks.

When your kid honestly can't understand why you're saying no to the new movie that he's already become severely emotionally attached to
simply from recognizing the characters on the front cover, Autism stinks.

When your kid cries and hugs, loves on, and bids tearful goodbyes that make your heart fall apart and break in a million pieces and it's to the movie mentioned above that he attached to so quickly it honestly feels like a friend or loved one he's being made to let go of, Autism stinks.

When you wish beyond anything that you could just go ahead and buy it for him even though you know you don't have enough money simply because you know he attaches that closely to so little, Autism stinks.

When you take your child to one of his favorite fast food places only to find him crawling under the tables, hiding, and playing with his car on the "tracks"/grooves in the tile because he already got overwhelmed and overstimulated just a few minutes after stepping through the door, Autism stinks.

When you come to the realization that the dog you are trying to get would behave better than your 4 year old son, and you know your son can't help it...  Autism stinks.

When your son breaks down in the middle of a Wal-mart isle because he just can't help it anymore and every stranger that passes by insults you, makes comments about you, or glares at you while judging both your parenting skills and your child when in reality they don't know a thing about either of you or what's really going on, Autism stinks.

When your child couldn't care less about passing the toys that are geared towards his age group but gets giggly and excited at the baby isle and the dog toy isle, and on top of all that he shows obvious favortism to the dog toy isle, Autism stinks.

When your son scares/startles so easily and can't for the life of him learn from his actions whether good or bad, Autism stinks.

When the above statement leads to your child self traumatizing and/or self injuring himself repeatedly because he just doesn't understand the cause and effect concept that would help him break out of the cycle, Autism stinks.

You know what?  Autism really stank today...


  1. I know there are some silver linings and good things about Autism... but dang, the bad stuff can sure hit hard sometimes...

  2. ty was 7yrs old before he was potty trained and still now at his age(15+) he has accidents, chelle wears depends with a tena pad in them , during the day and at night. I tell you if i could make her potty trained i would, but nothing has helped, it gets very tiring to change her during the day and night if she leaks, and during that time of the month is so much fun too.not. I completley understand , it is not fun somedays, find me on a day when i realize jay was in diapers and then i had ty with only a few years of no diapers before ty was born, then ty was in them til 7yrs, and then here comes chelle and not figure ty will be 16 soon and i have not a one darn break from diapers to pullups, to depends. when will it end. I feel your frustration sweetie. *hugs* S.