Tuesday, January 31, 2012

David vs Operator lol

Sitting here in front of the couch (David took over my seat on the couch lol) and catching up on a little while my kids play behind me.  David has found the phone and usually he just likes pressing buttons but this time he's intent on getting to call and "talk" to someone so I convinced him to give it back to me long enough for me to dial an automated (and free) operator assistance line (Free 411) and he's now happily chatting with the computer system. lol :)  It's kind of funny to listen to because the automated system doesn't even have a chance at understanding him because other than the obvious fact that David's verbal ability is still way behind, he's also not about to follow the prompts and say what the computer system wants him to. lol 

The funniest part though was when he started in with his echolalia again. lol  The computer voice would say, "choose an option", and then David would say, "choose an option" and the poor computer would say, "I did not understand your request, please choose an option" and David would say, "pease choose option." lol  I love it when an automated system gets confused. lol

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