Saturday, January 7, 2012

Checking in

I have to keep this short because I am borrowing my mom's computer and am on a time limit because it is so late here.  Just wanted to let my readers and friends know why I haven't been replying or posting in the last few days.  My van has been in the shop and ended up kept
there longer than first planned which means I am stuck in town for the most part while I wait for it's repairs to be done so I can safely drive it again.  The most frusterating part of it all is I finally got it back today and it ended up having another problem now that is worse than any of the first ones.  *sigh*...

Good news though is that even though the mechanic is closed for the weekend, my mom led me to a local auto parts store that was known for employees that were good with cars to see if they could help at all and one of them ended up calling in a friend of his that turned out to be a mechanic and he thinks he can fix it for me if I bring it in first thing in the morning.  And because the new problem was caused by the work that had JUST been done on van (they accidentally missaligned the new gaskets or messed up a pulley or something like that) the bill will be covered by the previous mechanics because it will be due to their mistake.  That's helpful because I don't have any more money to throw at this van right now outside of gas.

Please pray for me and my boys.  We need this van and the independance.  Especially this weekend (I might reveal why later...).  Also please pray that God will grant me a miracle soon in the area of my license.  I talked about the situation with that one in detail in a post about blatant discrimination and basically that woman is winning the war...  Unless a miracle comes through and I am able to get a lawyer to help me fight back.  For the record though, in case you don't know the story, I earned my license fair and square and put a lot of time and effort into doing and learning what I had to in order to earn it.  This really isn't a fair situation.

Well, so much for keeping this short. lol  Oh well.  Thanks for reading and thanks for your prayers and encouragement.  I will check back in again as soon as I can. :)

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