Monday, January 23, 2012

The incident behind my last post. (for those who were wondering)

Some one had the gall to corner my son and pick on him and verbally attack him and make a scene of him when he hadn't even done anything wrong. All he did was simply turn around (we were on our way out the door) and when he saw I had stopped, he calmly said "come on". Something I had been saying for almost the entire last 3 to 5 minutes so he was more than likely just repeating as he tends to do that all the time.

He wasn't even rude about it and that woman ripped into him and then had the nerve to try and rip into me when I came to David's defense. She was claiming that David was a perfect example of how rotten and bratty kids are these days and how they're ruining our future and then accused me of being a worthless, useless, and incompetent and neglectful mother. All because my son simply said "come on".

And guess where we were leaving at the time. THE EMERGENCY ROOM! That's right. This jerk was trying to make a puplic ridicule and example of an innocent child after he just had a traumatic experience and failed health at the EMERGENCY ROOM!

You can't get any lower than that if you ask me.

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