Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not quite so uneventful ;) :)

A dramatic fake cry/whine that mimics bratty kid characters in some sitcom situation (David's learning how to throw tantrums... good thing or bad? lol)

A spontaneous greeting of "Hola!" when he saw the Spanish speaking worker today while we were at our favorite McDonald's (I didn't realize
he could speak Spanish!  I guess Dora the Explorer is helping do more than just keep him happily distracted from time to time ;) )

An unexpected phone conversation with someone who has been on my heart and mind no matter how hard I try to shake it...  (and to think it all started with me thinking I was just going to take a minute to inform of some mail that came to me by mistake...)

The broken heater in my van finally started working, on it's own!  And we really needed it tonight too.  (Okay not quite on it's own.  I consider it the direct hand of God after I had been praying/begging for mercy and help with it because it was sooo cold :) )

And here I thought today was going to be uneventful. lol ;) :)

Thank-You Father for once again being generous in the measures You take to help reassure me that You are still here and You still care.  The most precious gift in all the world that I have ever received still remains (and always will) You and Your love.  Thank-You so much ((hugs)) :)

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