Sunday, January 15, 2012

Counting the blessings :)

Yesterday my sons David and Joshua gave me the most precious of gifts.  They helped me see the lighter side of life again and brought innocence and joy back to my heart. :)  God has surely blessed me with these two precious angels. :)  They didn't really do much in the
extravagant or extrodinary categories.  They were just being themselves and I was finally able to sit back, relax for a bit, and let go of the chaos surrounding me enough to see their happiness. :)

David also surprised me with a precious gift that I don't get too often in this home.  He said "I love you" and I didn't have to say it first. :D :)  Due to his echolalia, I have found if I need to hear those words I can just get his attention and say them and he'll repeat it, kind of like a parrot, but this time he did it all on his own. :)  He came up to me, got my attention, hugged me, and said "I love you". :)  I can't tell you how much that meant to me or how much I treasure it. :)

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