Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some insight into me (thanks to a Monvee personality assesment)

You most likely enjoy one or more styles of learning. You thrive with the combination of auditory, visual, and conversational approaches. While this is not a traditional learning style, it represents how many of us have become comfortable learning.

You learn best when physically engaged in a “hands-on” activity. In the classroom, you benefit from a lab setting where you can manipulate materials to learn new information. You learn best when you can be physically active in the learning environment. You love to engage, you would prefer to put something together instead of read the manual. You hate sitting on the sidelines.

People on the Creation Pathway have a passionate ability to connect with God when they are experiencing the world He made. Being outdoors replenishes and energizes them. If they are cooped up inside too long their soul starts to feel stale. They see God in the spectacular but also in the everyday outside world. People on this pathway need to spend larger chunks of time outdoors, often praying or meditating. These people need to guard against using this pathway as an escape when people disappoint. They also need to guard against thinking that they don’t need the church because they can worship God alone in nature.

You tend to be more serious, reserved, and withdrawn.
You are insightful, idealistic, and often more interested in the world of imagination than in everyday life.
You are emotionally sensitive, empathic, and warm.
You are focused and you persevere.

Typically, you are warm, compassionate, intuitive, and expressive. You love the stillness and quiet, and creativity is your lifeblood. You have many abilities and feel things deeply. However, in quiet moments you fear that you have no identity or any real significance and can be plagued with self-doubt. You are motivated to search and to find your identity in order to express who you are and ultimately to find meaning and significance. You surround yourself with things that you find compelling and beautiful. To create is to live! Establishing a true, honest and unique persona is important to you. Because you have the capacity to see what other’s miss, you sometimes feel “out of the mainstream” and can mistakenly feel like you don’t belong. Sometimes this power to empathize and see the uncommon can lead you to see yourself as one of a kind.

The Best Of You
You are abundantly and intuitively creative, expressing the personal and the universal, possibly in a work of art. You are inspired, self-renewing, and regenerating. You have the uncanny ability to turn ordinary life experiences into something profound and valuable. At your best you are honest with yourself and those around you. You can address an issue, problem, or feeling without overreacting and without others feeling like you are patronizing them. You love to discover the truth in each experience. When you are at your best you are looking for God and His creative power even in tough situations, conflicts, and mistakes. You are able to heighten reality through fantasy, passionate feelings, and the imagination.

Biblical Character Like You
Passionate, bold, strong, creative, and loved. These words all describe David, a king of Israel for 40 years who God Himself declared “was a man after God’s own heart.” David was so beloved of God that he received a promise that the Savior of the world would be his descendent. That promise came true with the coming of Jesus Christ. So intuitive and inspired was David, that he wrote poems and songs of worship that have survived to this day for all of us to receive from them inspiration and understanding about the ways of God. Despite lapses in his judgment and moral behavior, David pursued Godliness and faithfulness all his life and demonstrated how this kind of person, the kind of person that you are, can live well and leave a lasting, praiseworthy legacy.

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