Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Here we go lol

I recently received a "challenge" from a friend to record the thoughts, feelings, and days of my life with my son and his Autism diagnosis. Something to help make the memories more permanent and lasting. Good and bad, funny and sad. A way to sort of have something to look back to when life gets hard to remember the good times and be reminded the bad times don't last.

I liked the idea but I am uping the anty a little so to speak. This is going to be about my life in general and anything and everything that makes me, me. Not just about my son and Autism (although there will probably be a lot of those as it does consume a lot lately), but also about faith, struggles, health (both mine and my boys'), quirks and giggles, tears and hardships... Posts about happy days and sad moments. Posts that just make me laugh, to ones that capture a thought I don't want to lose.  And even posts including some of my past writings and some of the crafts I have done.

In the end, I am hoping this blog will be about life and the reality of living in this world with all it's laughter, tears, insanity, and hope.  With a few breathers here and there to keep things light and fun. :)

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of your favorite drink whether it be coffee or hot chocolate or even pop, and join me and my family on this journey we call life. :)

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