Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little background on my family

My name is Cindi and my two precious sons are David, 3, and Joshua, 2. I am a disabled single mother and both of my children are special needs. My husband, their father, left us. Between that and disabilities in the family ranging from Sensory Integration and Auditory Processing Disorders to diagnosises of things like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Autonomic Nervous Dysfunction, Pervasive Developmental Delay, Autism, partial deafness, and possible Apraxia our life has been anything but easy. We take every day with a firm grip of determination though and with a faith strongly rooted in the love, compassion, and friendship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. :)

The best way to describe David is with the word passionate. He’s passionate about everything he sees, feels, touches, hears, and experiences. He brings to life the world around him for everyone his life’s allowed to touch. To say he’s amazing would be an understatement worthy of an award. He’s brilliant, kind, compassionate and loving. He has his struggles to be sure, but he doesn’t let them take away his joy. His passion for life is contagious and his pure heart is refreshing. He’s mommy’s little warrior as he fights so hard to overcome his struggles and he’s my hero every time he wipes away tears he sees falling as he hugs me close, reminding me not too give up.

Joshua is best described with the words loving and stubborn. He’s my youngest and my smallest but he’s got a passion and strength inside that denies both those facts. He’s also my little “drama king”. With him being so small and sweet you would think he would be my “easy” child, but in all reality he’s more of a challenge in a lot of ways than David could even dream of being. *chuckle* As soon as something doesn’t go his way or isn’t done according to how he thinks is right, on comes the stubbornness and fits and drama. When someone tells me they can’t imagine him doing something like that, I usually just laugh and suggest they try telling him no sometime to something he really wants. *chuckle* Over all though he is a very good, kind, and loving boy and he definitely lives to please most of the time in spite of his stubborn streaks and drama outbreaks. ;)

David loves his brother dearly and tends to be very protective of him when they are around others (David does this with me too at times). Joshua absolutely adores his brother and would do just about anything to be in his world and to be able to do, say, be, and experience the same things as David does. Sometimes I describe Joshua by saying “he’s addicted to his brother”. *chuckle* David is becoming more and more of a “loner” though (he’s the one with the Autism diagnosis) so it’s getting harder for Josh to find his way into David’s world, but that never keeps him from trying anyway. :) The hardest part though is when David is having one of his “hard” days or moments and Joshua actually gets scared of him for a while. That is truly saddening to see, but thankfully the love these two sons of mine share always overcomes the obstacles that get placed in their paths.

Both of my sons truly are a treasure beyond value that I thank God for and I can’t imagine my life without them. :)

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