Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meltdowns in public... Oh dear...

My David is quickly getting stronger than me and his brother is now showing signs of Autism too (and Joshua's meltdowns are worse and LONGER than David's...)  All I have ever been able to do is get them out
of there as best and as quickly as I can, clear the area and let them hash it out while making sure they can't get hurt on anything, and/or grab them in a bracing position and lower them to the floor with me and just brace/hold them tight until they are able to get calm again. 

That last one hardly ever works for Joshua, but it has been the only thing that has worked with David most times.  Especially since David gets so violent agianst himself when he overloads.  Sadly... I usually have to stop everything and take him down with me where ever we happen to be at the moment which causes a lot of stares and unwelcomed insults and comments from on-lookers...

I wish I could talk them down or out of their meltdowns but sadly both of mine get severely delusional and frightened when they start getting too overloaded and usually can't even tell who I am anymore or where they are at.  There is nothing more heartbreaking then to have to hear your child's terrified and desperate cries for his mother as he beats against you and tries to escape your arms so he can go find her...  Knowing that not only can you NOT let go or he will seriously injur himself, but also knowing that there's no telling him that you ARE his mother...


  1. I am praying for all three of you hun. ((Hugs)) love you girls

  2. Thanks Polly ((hugs)) I truly appreciate your friendship