Friday, December 9, 2011

Update From Doctor

David has hope. :)  He has been stuck in the world of a 2 year old (in some areas even younger than that) even though he is now 4, but she believes she can help us get the help we need to make that reality change for him. :)  I needed to hear that.  Especially after how hard things have been lately with him starting to regress again.

She wants me to come in one more time to meet with her myself so she can go over in detail with me everything she's seen/observed and her conclusions.  I'll find out more about where exactly David lands on the spectrum and how and where to get the help I have been begging to have for years now (she's the first doctor I have been sent to that has actually been willing and able to help).

Next appointment is Monday the 19th.  Looking forward to the help. :)


  1. praying that you get the help you need. <3 lorri

  2. thanks so much :) I appreciate it :)