Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I feel like I am losing him more and more each day... It's sooo painful to watch... I know he's in the middle of a regression so I am supposed to expect this, but I keep praying and hoping he'll just snap out of it, you
know? I can't stand this. This is the most I have ever seen him regress since his first regression and I am scared to be honest. After that first one it took me two years to truly break through again, at least communication wise. One thing I am grateful for though is that God has graced me with the blessing of having been able to bond with him anyway. David and I are very close. But it's kind of been a bittersweet blessing lately while I am being forced to watch him slip away again. I know he loves me and I love him more than anything, but he's definitely is slowly returning to that shell of a child where the population is only one and that one is not me...


  1. that's what I am here for.... support! what is going on?? ya know there is a neat medication for kids with Autism. Jayden is on it and it works WONDERS!! not saying meds are always the answer BUT I gotta say it made a difference for the positive -social and academic!! Risperidone -ask the dr. do you take him to comcare for meds?

  2. Not going to medicate him at such a young age. Too much at risk especially considering how easily his body overreacts to meds and side effects tend to wreak havoc on the poor little guy.

    The main reason he hasn't started getting help yet though is because he started regressing in the middle of the evaluation process which we're still kind of stuck in. Our last appointment (with the connections, help, and info) was going to be Monday but had to be cancelled due to things that couldn't be controlled and so now we're going to be seeing her tomorrow.

  3. The doctor is aware he's regressing though and is keeping a close eye on him.