Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Autism speaks. Or so they say. It speaks, but in no ordinary way. It speaks through silent rocking of a child who’s had too much. It speaks through a mothers tears, because her love isn’t enough. It speaks through the
strangers who are way too quick to judge. It speaks through the many struggles that don’t seem to budge. Autism speaks, but not as you might think. It’s speech can be missed, if you can’t find the link. It speaks through a child who bolts due to sudden excitement or fear. It speaks through the on-looker nearby who thinks a hand needs to hit that rear. It speaks in the classroom through the child who is way too smart. It speaks through the teachers who never see that because they won’t do their part. Autism speaks on playgrounds and in parks. It speaks in our schools and at home in the dark. It speaks on the buses or on the city streets. It speaks to the friends whom they can’t truly greet. Autism speaks loudly and persistently, you can’t run from it’s cry. But still so many do, by turning a blind eye. Autism speaks. Yes, that is true. The question is, can Autism speak to you?

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