Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thoughts on DSM-V revisions

I just got done reading a wonderful blog post about the DSM-V Revisions for Autism Spectrum Disorder written by Aspierations - Come as you are... Let your light shine!  I found out about the blog by my friend over at Speaking On The Spectrum (great blog for keeping up with Autism news and articles ;) :)  )

I believe this blog did a great job of not only explaining the whole confusing mess we have all found ourselves in the middle of, but also
shedding some much needed perspective on the whole situation.  She even gave ways to for us "average joes" (or Janes ;) ) to get involved. :)

Please go read her post (follow the first link given above) and then come see my takes on it as well. :)  And as always, please feel free to leave your comments, insights, and opinions for me.  I truly appreciate recieving them. :)  (On that note, I have been notified my blog is giving some people difficulty when they try to leave comments and I am trying to solve the problem.  If any of you more experienced bloggers have suggestions to help with that I would be highly grateful to hear them.)

Thanks Everyone. :)

~~Crafter Dream

~~~~~~~My thoughts on it all~~~~~~~~~~~~
My oldest (the only one currently diagnosed as the other one is still in the evaluation phase) is diagnosed mild to moderate Autism but is only a hair's width away from a severe one. (We managed to break through a little with Sign Language and it's what tilted the scale down to "moderate").

Both of my sons show all (my oldest) or most (my youngest) of the criteria listed as needed above for a diagnosis so I'm pretty sure they would still get coverage because of that. However, I am still saddened and frusterated about the whole thing because even though it looks like my children will still get help, what about the others? Friends, family, On-line friends that will not meet enough but still need help? It sickens me and scares me to think they would be left out in the cold due to all this. :( I want to be one that helps keep that from happening, so that's why I'll be sharing this post and trying to do what I can too.

1:1... I would like to add to that if I may (judging from your post here I think you will like it). Everyone who is facing a diagnosis of Autism is in a 1:1 situation, but our Autistic/Autism community NEEDS to step up and learn from a popular 3 Muskateers saying, "All for one, and one for all".

I agree with you that I wish people on different ends of the spectrum would quit fighting with each other and start joining in a supportive alliance. Just think what we all could do if we would just stop fighting amongst ourselves long enough to stand united for the services, awareness, and support we all need?

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