Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What "Autism" means here

I've been asked more than once to explain what life with my Autistic child(ren) are like. (Josh is still not officially diagnosed but the doctor and I are thinking moderate level).

Yeah there are a lot of great lists out there and a lot of symptoms I could share about and even incidents/stories I could tell, but I've noticed these are never able to truly give a clear picture. Friends and family are not always able to prepare as much as they wish they could for their
first encounter (or even subsequent encounters) with my precious but complicated boys.

I think I have found a solution though. There are two blogs I follow specifically because the kids they're written about mirror the issues David (and sometimes Joshua) face on a daily basis. This means what's written about/shared/discussed at these blogs usually is a clear window into what life is like for me, David, and Joshua as well. Making them a great way for someone to "see" what they're getting ready to "meet" or "step into". And even some good tips on how to handle it and what to say/not to say. :)

So, here you go. :)

Autism Daddy (Kyle):
Autism Daddy (blog) (blog)
Autism Daddy (facebook site)

The Autistic Diaries (Oscar):
The Autistic Diaries (blog/facebook site)

For anyone who is interested in getting to know about our situation a little more clearly or anyone looking for a clearer picture of what Autism means in my household for the most part, please go check out these blogs. :) And of course keep following mine as I will post as often as I can here which I hope will also help people know my children and me better. :) Both from the Autism side of things as well as just the human/general side of things. :) After all, Autism takes over a lot of things in our lives here, but it isn't what defines us. :)

Oscar is closest to David's level (moderate/severe) and Kyle is severe but shows a lot of the same issues/struggles as David. Kyle's main reason for being labeled severe is for his lack of being able to speak/communicate (if I understood right) which ironically is the only thing that saved David from the severe label (I managed to break through with the sign language just enough to give him a "voice" which to be honest I count as a miracle). Also Kyle's dad, "Autism Daddy", is pretty laid back and open to questions from his readers as well. He's good for a laugh as well. :) BOTH sites are great for insight/understanding for the situation with David and BOTH bloggers are kind and wonderful people. :)

Happy reading. :) Hope this helps. Feel free to pass it on to anyone you want. :)  And if you feel so kind as to mention who sent you to these other blogs, tell them "Crafter Dream" sent you. :)

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